Why Book Direct

You’re planning a vacation with your family, and you’re done with your itinerary. However, you’re still unsure of booking your bed and breakfast accommodation because of the overwhelming booking apps and websites. So, you ask yourself, ‘what’s the best option for me?’

The answer is to book direct. Don’t get sucked into the realm of third-party apps and websites. Instead, book bed and breakfast direct on their website to get the best deals and prices. 

Here are our top 6 reasons why booking direct is the best option, especially at Cedar House Inn in St. Augustine, Florida.

  1. You Get Full Access to Specials and Packages

Aside from having access to discounts, you also get to choose add-ons and packages during your stay. For instance, Cedar House Inn has anniversary and romance packages for couples and 3-day trolley passes. 

These types of packages are exclusively offered on their website, an advantage you get if you book bed and breakfast accommodation in St. Augustine directly on their website. Enjoy this access and more!

  1. Best Price Guaranteed on their Website

Have you heard of the rate parity agreement between hotels and third-party apps? This means that the published rates on the hotel website are the same prices on third-party websites. 

So, why should I choose to book a bed and breakfast direct? The answer is loyalty. Become a member of the closed group for loyal customers in hotels to get program deals and discounts!

  1. Best Price for Same Day Booking

If you are looking to book a room on the same day, then we highly recommend booking directly on their website, especially if it’s late in the afternoon. The hotel has access to no-show bookings, which are unknown to third-party booking partners. 

Booking directly can also mean that you get the best price. Don’t forget to call your preferred hotel to book a room!

  1. Better Rooms

Most of the time, bookings made through third-party booking platforms are already set. This means that you can’t choose your room.

However, direct bookings for bed and breakfast accommodation on their website provide the best rooms and can even offer a free upgrade. Booking directly, sometimes, also means that you get better and faster service from the staff. You also get free WiFi access in your room!

  1. You Get Loyalty Rewards

Every hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation has loyalty programs, and it’s not a secret that every business loves their loyal customers. Most of the time, loyal guests get free food and beverage based on their loyalty rewards. 

  1. Exclusive Deals

Let’s admit it; we all love deals and discounts and vacations. And, if we get to have both, then it can be the best vacation. 

So, we highly recommend that you book bed and breakfast direct on their website, to get to see their deals and packages. Some contracts include a discount per room while other hotels include free meals when you book on their website. 

Experience the Victorian feel at Cedar House Inn now and book direct on their bed and breakfast accommodation website, or you can call +1(904)829-0079.