Fantastic Fall!

pumpkin_gardenHello from Beth Wilson, Master Gardener of Cedar House Inn…

Fall and all its glory has arrived at Cedar House Inn!

While the summer garden was a feast for the eyes thanks to plenty of sunshine and TLC, both the garden and I are ready to welcome cooler temperatures and a much anticipated seasonal change to the inn.

The summer annuals, joined by a host of feathered friends grazing at the bird feeder in the Red Maple, gave us a wonderful show. We are now making way for bolder colors and lots of flower power. Geraniums, Snapdragons, and New Guinea Impatiens, are some of my favorites.

In addition, Mums are also a classic autumnal feature. Four large specimens are currently gracing the front porch and are beginning to showcase their beautiful palette. When purchasing Mums, I recommend selecting plants that are just getting ready to bloom. Once you have placed your Mums, remember to water at the base of the plant for longer lasting displays. Once the blooms expire, deadhead (pinching the spent blooms off their stem) as needed to make way for more colorful flowers to appear.

The inn’s bird feeder has been robust with flocks of visitors. We use the song bird mix which has attracted a delightful variety of different birds. We welcome a visit from Birders to help us identify them and thank Noel and Bob Brouillard, treasured guests at Cedar House, for the book on Florida’s Birds to get us started!

Helpful Garden Hint: Don’t forget to fertilize in October you will love the results and your flowers, shrubs and trees will reward you for it.