Cedar House Is A Great Place To Ride

The Cedar House Inn was recently featured in a local business TV ad that starred a couple of our guests! Tim & Annmarie are motorcycle enthusiasts that like to experience the Florida Coast on two wheels and our Inn is their favorite stop-over during their travels. Adamec Harley-Davidson chose the two for the latest edition in the #AdamecFavoriteRides series. Keep an eye out for this ad on Jacksonville TV and on the jumbotron at the Jacksonville Jaguar games.

Travel to St. Augustine soon! [video]


Traveling to St. Augustine may not be at the top of your dream vacation destinations, but it should probably be higher up on that list.

It’s a really easy getaway and if you’re a fan of history, architecture, beaches, food & genuinely nice people, you’ll really enjoy yourself. Please visit our reservations page to start your planning and make sure you’re enjoying the very best accommodations while you’re here.

We have plenty of other suggestions for things to see & do while you’re here. Click here to see more!

Keeping fit in St. Augustine

Anastasia Fitness St Augustine
Anastasia Fitness St Augustine

Just in case exploring the Ancient City doesn’t help you achieve your target heart-rate, we have neighbors that will welcome you to work up a sweat. Anastasia Fitness is an outstanding member of the St. Augustine business community and they’re just great people.  They don’t call their facility a gym, rather a health club that uses fitness, relationships and camaraderie to connect you to our community and inspire you to succeed in every aspect of your life.